Who is Pusheen the Cat?

Who is Pusheen the Cat?

Celebrating Pusheen the Cat: The Cutest Cat on the Internet!

Pusheen the Cat is an adorable gray tabby with a love of snacks and a knack for photoshoots. Her sweet, chubby-cheeked, whiskered, perpetually surprised kitty antics have earned millions of fans on social media and her very own books. She’s even inspired her own Japanese feline friend: Pusheen the Cat’s Japanese Cousin. But how did this plump cutie become so popular? Let’s take a look back at some highlights from Pusheen’s past year to see why we can’t get enough of that plump cat!


Pusheen’s Birthday

Pusheen celebrated her fifth year on the internet with a birthday party! Hosted in celebration by Pusheen’s creator, Phil, the party saw a live stream of Pusheen’s birthday cake and featured behind-the-scenes insights into Pusheen’s origins, the creation of some of her most famous images, and a Q&A with the fans. Fans celebrated Pusheen’s birthday in a variety of ways. Some shared their favourite Pusheen moments or posted images of their own Pusheen-inspired art. Others baked Pusheen-shaped cakes and decorated them in Pusheen’s trademark style. You can find a collection of images from the birthday bash on Pusheen’s tumblr page. No other cat on Earth has celebrated this epically. Our love for Pusheen has also transpired into an awesome cute collectible confectionery chocolate you must try.

The Pusheen Coloring Book

The Pusheen Coloring Book was released in October 2016, making it the perfect Halloween gift for Pusheen fans of all ages. The colouring book features over 50 images from Pusheen’s past, as well as over 20 new images created for the book. It also comes with a crayon shaped like Pusheen’s tail. Although Pusheen the Cat is all about snacks and lazy days, her colouring book is the best gift for all those who love to create. The images are simple enough for even very young children to enjoy coloring, but detailed enough to keep adults engaged, too.


Pusheen and Her Snacks?

Pusheen is a cute little character who loves eating chocolate. She also likes to eat other things like cookies, ice cream, cake, etc. Her favourite snack is chocolate. This inspired us to create a chocolate confectionery that not only can be a collectible piece for fans, but also as a delicious snack to eat just like Pusheen. Have you tried our Limited Edition Pusheen Chocolate yet?


Other Pusheen Merch

From new merchandise to new books, there have been plenty of new Pusheenicorns to delight fans over the years. Some of the highlights include: - A Pusheen plush toy. New “Pusheen Quips” book. This collection of Pusheen’s best quotes and sayings is now available in paperback. - New Pusheen vinyl figures. Pusheen fans can now collect the feline in both her chubby form and her chubby-and-pregnant form. - Pusheen also starred in her own calendar for 2017. - New Pusheen clothing. Fans can now wear Pusheen on their shirts, hats, bags and more with new apparel designs. New Pusheen lollipops. in October 2022, Kawaji released the tasty huge Pusheen Lollipops in Ice cream and donut shapes, just how Pusheen likes it.

Wrapping Up

Pusheen is celebrated by millions of fans every month on social media. Her cute and silly images, paired with a love of food and a penchant for odd adventures, have made her the internet’s favourite feline friend. This plump tabby has come a long way since her humble origins on the website Pockeded.com in 2010. In that time, she’s gained a massive following, she’s been featured in the pages of newspapers and magazines and she’s even inspired her own Japanese feline friend, Puchi the Cat. With all this celebration and attention, it’s no wonder that Pusheen is in a celebratory mood.

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